Hazardous Cargo

Hazardous Cargo Transportation

  • Quick & efficient container handling of material up to 45 tons
  • Stripping/Stuffing containers
  • Blocking & bracing (honeycomb and lumber readily available)
  • Binding or shrink-wrap service
  • Cross docking services
  • Palletized cargo
  • Staging and or storage of palletized cargo
  • Fumigation of containers
  • Photo-documentation provided for each container
  • Seal issuance with required documentation
  • 23-acre fenced facility, surveillance monitoring and 24-hour guard service
  • Safe haven
  • Chassis stacking
  • Temporary & long-term storage
  • Local drayage or long-haul arrangement

Premier Precautions

Stripping, stuffing, blocking, bracing, binding, shrink-wrap services, and fumigation of containers are all a part of the Ramar process.


Add efficiency to your supply chain by taking advantage of our cross-docking capabilities.

Palletized Cargo

More organized and efficient storage and shipping of your goods.

Thorough Documentation

Photo documentation is provided for each container, along with seal issuance and any other required documentation.

Storage & Surveillance

Our 23-acre fenced facility has 24-hour surveillance and guard monitoring.

Chassis Stacking

Create a single load with expert stacking for easier, more cost-effective transport.