Our Team

Our Team

Will Hegarty

Government Operations Manager

Oversees government freight needs, Hazardous shipments, oversees the daily operations in dispatch office. William is a veteran of the USMC and USCG, and comes to us with an extensive background in port services and hazmat shipments. He is currently getting his IICL container certification and CDL. Joined our team August of 2021.

(910) 795-2107 (direct office)
(910) 352-4890 (cell)

Gary Bridges

Sr. Logistics Manager

Planning and managing logistics, warehouse, transportation, and customer service’s needs. Gary also orders all permits and a port escort in Wilmington as well. When Gary isn’t working you will find him on his motorcycle. Joined our team January of 2015.

(910) 795-2130 (direct office)

Ginny Edens

Logistics Supervisor

Overall logistics plan, multi-tasking, keeping with timelines/checklist & ensure we have exceeded customer expectations. She is the glue that holds us together and ensure we keep a straight rudder. Joined our team May of 2002.

(910) 795-2560 (direct office)
(910) 512-1407 (cell)

Christina Chadwick

Sr. Revenue/Contract Specialist

Analyze and review accounts, and handle documentation of accounting workflows. Develop & update policies and procedures.

(910) 795-2551 (direct office)

Mark Strickland


Since 1988.

(910) 795-2409 (direct office)

Jan Wilson

Office Manager, Hazardous Cargo Coordinator, HR

Joined June of 2003.

(910) 795-2409 (direct office)

Chris Melahris

Shop Assistant

Joined team Nov 2017.

Walt Massey

Shop Assistant

Joined team Nov 2021.

Pernell Roberts ("P")

Shop Manager

Does a bit of all it, every day is different for him. Joined team Jan 1993.
(910) 612-0912 (cell)